Support Peoples War Demonstration January 21st! Come to Ottawa!

The upcoming week of January 14 – 22 is the international campaign to support the peoples war in India.  Due to the recent state-sanctioned torture and assassination of CPI(Maoist) cadre, Comrade Kishenji, and the fact that Indian state is now taking the peoples war seriously (as is its imperialist allies), it is important for those of us who believe that it is right to rebel to publicly support the revolutionary movement in India.

While we in Canada and the US commonly receive news about seemingly spontaneous rebellions (i.e. the “Arab Spring” and the “Occupy Movement”), there is little to no mainstream media coverage of the far larger and longer protacted peoples wars such as the one in India.  Although it is important to rally around the intifidas in the Middle East or the dwindling occupy movement here, we need to also work hard to prevent the silencing of the much more revolutionary and organized movements in South Asia, many of which have been fighting guerrilla battles for a long time.  Thus, this week is an attempt to publicize and popularize the revolution in India.

On January 21st, at the end of the campaign week, PRAC-Toronto will be going to Ottawa to participate in the official multi-city demonstration in our capital.

As the poster says, transportation from Toronto to Ottawa is possible.  If you are interested in going please email us by, and no later then, January 16th so that we can organize the necessary logistics.  If you have a car, and are willing to drive and take people, please let us know (this will save us from having to rent more vehicles).  Also, email us only if you are committed to coming since we will be renting vehicles based on the count of transportees.  The plan is to leave by 7 am on Saturday January 21st.  Further details will be provided over email to those interested in going.

If you can’t make the rally on the 21st, or want to know more about the rally before committing, the Revolutionary Student Movement at the University of Toronto will be preparing for the week by showing Blazing the Trail, a documentary about the Naxalite movement in India, this Wednesday, January 11th.  After the documentary people are invited to discuss what they might want to do in Toronto during the week of the campaign.

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